Xanthi is a lively city with a charming center, about 50 km away from Kavala and close to the border with Bulgaria. Around the main square of the new part of the city, you can find many restaurants with delicious local specialties and classy cafes, nice shops with eastern type sweets and beautiful terraces.

The city of Xanthi has many oriental influences; you will come across both Orthodox churches and mosques. It was founded in the 11th century and its oriental atmosphere derives from the fact that the Turks played an important role in Xanthi’s history and still the city inhabits a fairly large Muslim population. Xanthi Old Town is well preserved and well worth a visit.

The region has a rich past and a peaceful combination of Islamic and Greek elements and has been inhabited since ancient times. In Byzantine times this region has known great prosperity. In its long history, tobacco production has also played an important role. Xanthi is the administrative and trade center of the region.

Xanthi combines traditional atmosphere and modern urban lifestyle. Part of the old town has protected cultural status. A visit to this city is very pleasant, as it is a lively town with a lot to see. If you have the chance, visit the vivid open air market that takes place every Saturday, where you can witness yourself the harmonic blending of the two communities, Christian and Muslim. Last, but not least, don’t miss Xanthi’s vibrant night life!

Places to visit

  • Old town of Xanthi
  • The house of shadows
  • Livaditis waterfall
  • Nestos Gorge Observatory
  • Folkore and historical museum of Xanthi
  • Hadjidakis House
  • Holy Monastery of Holy Mary Kalamous
  • Church of Holy Mary Archangeliotissa

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