A special place that we would recommend to any visitor to the Peloponnese is without a doubt Monemvasia. Located in the southeast of the Peloponnese on the Aegean coast, this medieval town is called “the Gibraltar of the East”, as it bears similarities to the real Gibraltar; Monemvasia is located on a high rocky peninsula that is connected to the mainland of the Lakonia department via a narrow strip and a bridge.

You can visit Monemvasia from Kalamata in Messinia. It is a nice day trip that you can take during your holiday that is absolutely worth it and also easy to combine with Sparta and Mystras. The name Monemvasia is derived from the words ‘Moni’ which means ‘single’ and ‘Emvasis’ which means ‘entrance’. That explains a lot because you can only reach this peninsula via this road. The known Greek poet Giannis Ritsos, who came from here and is buried here, called his city “The Stone Boat”.

Places to visit

  • Paralia Monemvasia
  • Paralia Pori
  • Monemvasia Archaeological collection
  • Ambelakia beach
  • Elkomenos Christos
  • Castel of Monemvasia

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Following the ancient paths, you will discover the traces of a centuries-old and important history etched in every corner of Greek mainland.

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