Acheron River

Acheron river is of outstanding natural beauty and worldwide famous for its mythological content. It springs from the area known by the name of the village Glyki at an altitude of 1,600m in the mountains of Souli and discharges in the area of Ammoudia on the Ionian sea.

On its way, it passes through wonderful gorges, proud and audacious precipices, endless landscapes of peace and handsomeness, and it forms some ponds and lakes here and there; naturally, such a unique place belongs to Natura 2000 network.

Based on the myths, Acheron was one of the five rivers of the Greek underworld. Are you ready to follow mythology and dive into the underworld? If not, you can sit in a nice café and enjoy a drink while the crystal waters run beneath your feet and the age-old plane trees provide you with their generous shade.


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Following the ancient paths, you will discover the traces of a centuries-old and important history etched in every corner of Greek mainland.

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