Visit Macedonia where you will encounter unique images. Explore this magnificent place in Greece where the east meets the west. The imposing – and almost perennial snowy – massifs of unique beauty boast Mt Olympus, the country’s most famous and highest mountain, where you can enjoy hiking, skiing or snowboarding during winter. The water element is significantly present with some of the most important rivers and lakes in Greece flowing through Macedonia.

Visit the metropolis of the North, Thessaloniki, with an intriguing multi-ethnic history and arty counter culture. It is a lively modern place, bustling with energy and verve. Built amphitheatrically around the sea, facing Mount Olympus on the distant horizon, it has always been a centre of different civilizations, cultures, nations and religions. Discover breathtaking Halkidiki with its clear waters and golden sand beaches, bays, little islands and green landscapes that will make your dream vacation come true! Don’t miss the unique beauty of Serres nature, the picturesque cities of Drama, Kavala on the East and Kastoria and Naousa on the West.

Vergina (Aigae) is the first capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom and the Empire of Alexander the Great.
Lakes Prespes is a location that is unique, a spot on the edge of Greece. The bright blue water looks inviting and you become enchanted by the scenery.
Nymfaio is untouched by time. If you like to live one or two nights in fairytale, there will be no place like Nymfaio. This village is all seasons’ magic. Nymfaio has been singled out as one of the ten most picturesque villages of Europe, according to UNESCO.
Mount Olympus, home of mythic 12 gods has a remarkable place in Greek mythology and it is also notable for its diverse plantation.
This man-made lake has developed into one of Europe’s most important wetlands and a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers.
Kavala is the most developed city of East Macedonia and Thrace, a beautiful tourist destination. It is a city with a rich culture and history. Kavala town is located on the slopes of hills, built at the foot of Mount Simvolo.

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