Metsovo is a traditional mountain town that lies at an altitude of 1160 meters, 60 kilometers northeast of Ioannina city. The picturesque Metsovo and the surrounding villages are built on the mountain slopes of Pindos and are surrounded by beech and spruce trees, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty. Metsovo is surrounded by high mountains and is located in the Katara pass (Zygos). It is known for its cobbled streets, traditional houses of wood and stone, covered wooden balconies and the approximately 20 stone fountains from which abundant water flows from natural wells.

Metsovo used to be a small village, mainly inhabited by shepherds. Due to its location in the “Katara” pass, it quickly became an important crossroad. The village’s location brought advantages to the industrious villagers, so Metsovo quickly became a commercial, industrial and cultural center in the whole area. Today, about 6,500 people live in Metsovo and the surrounding villages.

Metsovo produces all kinds of products, such as cheese, woodwork, wines and traditional handicrafts. There is a state-of-the-art conference center, an art gallery, ski lifts and twelve comfortable family hotels. The inhabitants of the town make good use of their historical privileges, local traditions and natural resources, making the village built of wood and stone an attractive destination for both locals and visitors.

Places to visit

  • Averof Art Gallery
  • Metsovo Folk Art Museum
  • Katara Pass
  • Metsovo Ski center
  • Monastery of St Nicholas

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