Sugarspice Travel Team

Our Mission

Sugar & Spice is a young and passionate team of travel specialists who traveled to many corners of Greece mainland and would like to show this part of Greece to the rest of the world. Sugar & Spice is the story of us, of all the years we traveled, and of all the years that we plan and design trips for those who have the thirst of traveling uniquely and diving to the unknown.

We know the real Greece, where the centuries of historical events, ancient monuments, and rich culture. Let us guide you to the Greek lifestyle and the untouched side of Greece! Travel with us to the other side of Greece and discover the undiscovered!

Sugarspice Travel Story

Coming from the mystery land of 1001 nights, with all the stories of kings and queens, peace and quarrel, love and hatred, beasts and beauties, the smell of rose and the melody of harp, the Shahrzad of my heart finds new 1001 nights in the legendry land of gods, demons, brave heroes and faithful beauties.

We met here, in the land of blue seas and white sands where the sun always shines and the sky for millenniums witnessed glory. We told you tales of SilkRoad, all the caravanserai we passed, the palaces of charming princes, the Sahara and those lost forever in its magic, gardens that were bringing the promised paradise to the earth, and the eternal fire of Zoroastrian temples. You told us your tales of ancient ports, magical boats and heroic sailors, tragedies and their protagonists, the smell of pine trees and the vast olive gardens, and our tales became one as our hearts.

And now we wish to be your only storyteller and take you on our journey to a farther place, to the beginning of the roads, rivers, and seas full of adventurous footprints. Our stories immersed you in the magic of culture and civilization and the mysterious ancient world.

Together we write new stories.
Because living in a story is the key to immortality.

Sugar and Spice  is the story of us, of all the years we traveled and we tasted, and of all the years that we plan and design trips for those who have the thirst of traveling uniquely and discovering the undiscovered.

Sugarspice Travel Team

Maryam Osanloo

Maryam never missed a chance of visiting a new place. She started to travel from a very young age and always was fascinated by the landscapes and people. The idea of sharing her experiences in her trips with others took her career to tourism, an aptitude followed by studying the related field at university. Now almost 20 years in the sector, she is still in love with every moment of her career. As a teenager, she had a dream to be a medical doctor and save people’s lives. She feels her dream came through in her career as she prescribes trips, the cure of both soul and body!

Ali Poodat

A true nature lover who cares for all the creatures on the earth spent many of his younger ages traveling in nature. Camping, hiking, and bird watching are among his favorites. Seventeen years ago, he quit his job as a hotel manager to start a more dynamic career in tourism. Since then, he has accompanied many international groups of travelers in different countries. Still, he believes Greece mainland enchanted him. 

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