Parga is one of the nicest villages in the Greek district of Epirus and one of the nicest seaside resorts in Greece. Although the tourist influences are clearly noticeable in this quaint town, Parga has a fun and friendly atmosphere. Parga is beautifully situated against a small mountain slope.

“The view from above of Parga is magical.”

The colored houses by the sea give the town a great appearance. The terraces are cozy and there are many small, nice shops and narrow alleys. There are characteristic Venetian houses everywhere.

The beaches of Parga are very nice and clean. There are many accommodations to welcome all tourists. Parga is located on the northwest coast of Greece. It is not far from the Albanian border and opposite the beautiful island of Corfu and the islets of Paxi and Anti Paxi. Parga is located on the clear Ionian Sea and is visited daily by day-trippers from various islands (also from the island of Lefkas).

The hinterland is beautifully green, thanks to natural sources and the historical places are well preserved. Parga has fun in the evening, while during the day you can visit various beautiful beaches or view the nature and culture in the region. When you stay in Parga, you can take nice trips to, for example, the beautiful Zagoria region in the mountains of Epirus. In the immediate vicinity of Parga, you will find several authentic villages, where you can taste the real Greek atmosphere. The locals are very hospitable and always up for a chat. As far as we are concerned, Parga is certainly one of the Top 10 nicest holiday places in Greece.

Places to visit

  • Valtos beach
  • Lichnos beach
  • The Venetian castle of Parga
  • Alonaki Fanariou beach
  • Panagia chapel
  • Afrodite’s cave
  • Paxos and anti-Paxos
  • Sivota

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