Escape to the Peloponnese, where Myth meets history. Monuments from every period of the eventful history, great archeological sites; ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Byzantine churches and Monasteries.

Enjoy sightseeing and sports; explore unique villages and alluring castles amidst stunning natural beauty, mountains and forests, rivers and caves. Not to mention that the Peloponnese is surrounded by the Greek sea, with lovely beaches, sandy and smooth coasts on the western part – rocky and lacy on its easternmost side.  It is no coincidences that the tour of the Peloponnese is very popular among travellers.

Olympia is one of the best known and most famous places in Greece. For centuries, it was a religious center where sports competitions were held and this is where the modern Olympic Games owe their origin and therefore Olympia is the cradle of the Olympic Games. Olympia is one of the Top 10 places of interest in Greece.
Visit the capital of Argolis and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. There are few cities where there is so much to see and do within a relatively short distance.
One of the most interesting sights on the Peloponnese peninsula is without a doubt the historic town of Mystras.
Mani is the untamed city of stones and castles. Even the houses were built traditionally like castles and many of them are still standing from the 15th Century, the era of Byzantine Empire!

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Following the ancient paths, you will discover the traces of a centuries-old and important history etched in every corner of Greek mainland.

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