Volos is the largest port city in Thessaly and also an important commercial and industrial center. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the centre of Greece, combining the allure of the sea with the mystical charm of the Centaurs’ mountain.

Volos is not an old city, as a major earthquake took place in 1955 which resulted to the city’s complete destruction and rebuilt. However, the traditional Greek customs have been preserved. It is really worthwhile to visit a typical Greek “Kafeneion” and order the tasty mezedes with a carafe of tsipouro.

Volos has a lively wide seaside boulevard, full of restaurants and cafes with cozy terraces, where sailing yachts and other boats moor in the harbor. The city has a tradition on biking and most of its citizens get around on their bikes.

The modern-day city dominates the region of Magnesia from its position at the foot of Mount Pelion overlooking the Pagasetic Gulf. Boats depart daily from Volos to many destinations, including the Sporades Islands.

Volos is built on top of the ancient city of Iolkos. According to Greek mythology, long before the start of the Trojan War, the king of Iolkos Pelias ordered his nephew Jason to find the Golden Fleece (Chrissomalon Derras), hoping he would never return. Jason and his men set out for Iolkos and this was later called the journey of the Argonauts. With the help of the sorceress Media, Jason managed to bring back the Golden Fleece unscathed.

Places to visit

  • Athanasakeion Archaeological Museum of Volos
  • The Rooftile and Brickworks Museum N. & S. Tsalapatas
  • Centaur’s Path
  • Horefto beach
  • Historic railroad
  • Paralia district
  • St Nicholas Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Church of St. Constantine and Helena

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