One of the most interesting sights on the Peloponnese peninsula is without a doubt the historic town of Mystras. There was a period in the middle Ages when as many as 40,000 people lived here.

“Mystras is the most important Byzantine city from the 13th century”

This former capital of the Morea, the ancient name of Peloponnese, is the most important and representative example of a Byzantine city from the 13th to the 15th century. This ‘ghost town’ is built against the slopes of a steep mountain; you can enter the city from above or from below.

When you visit Mystras, you should definitely wear comfortable shoes, as the town is located on the slopes of a mountain and a walk through the narrow cobbled streets, mountain paths and alleys of the town is not something you just do. It is best to park downstairs first and explore the Lower Town. Then drive your car to the Upper Town and explore the castle and the upper part of Mystras with the same ticket.

Places to visit

  • The archaeological site of Mystras
  • Virgin Mary Perivleptos Monastery
  • Acropolis and fortification castle of Mystras
  • Palace of Byzantine Emperors

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Following the ancient paths, you will discover the traces of a centuries-old and important history etched in every corner of Greek mainland.

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