Ioannina (Giannina), the capital of Epirus, is located on the western shore of the lake Pamvotida, approximately in the middle of a mountain plateau surrounded by the mountains Mitsikeli-Tomaros-Xerovouni and 445 kilometers from Athens. The city was founded in the year 527 AD by the Byzantine emperor Justinian, when the first part of the castle of Ioannina, the oldest Byzantine castle, was also built. Ioannina has the charm of an old town, but it is also a modern and lively city as one of the Greek Universities is located here.

Ioannina is beautifully situated in magnificent nature. At the lake are cozy terraces with taverns, cafes and bars. For those who enjoy walking, a stroll around the lake is a wonderful experience. From the Litharitsa Park you can enjoy a great view of the lake. During the summer, various festivities are organized through the city. Ioannina is located in the middle of an engaging valley, next to a beautiful lake, between great mountains, an hour’s drive from the beaches of the Ionian Sea. The city was built on the Egnatia road, which is the route that connects Europe with Asia (Turkey), one of the oldest and most historic routes in the world. It is the main commercial and intellectual center of northwestern Greece.

Visitors can enjoy long walks through the cobbled alleys in the town’s castle, which combines Byzantine and Islamic features. In the center you can see wonderful historical buildings, such as the House Matei Hussein and the Ottoman mosque of Veli Pasha. A visit to Ioannina would not be complete without a boat trip to the islet (Nissaki) in the middle of Lake Pamvotida. Small tourist boats sail very regularly to the island. There are two main attractions on the island: the Philanthropinon Monastery with its Byzantine frescoes and the Pre-Revolution Museum.

Places to visit

  • Lake Pamvotida
  • Castle of Ioannina
  • Cave of Perama
  • Silversmithing Museum
  • Ali Pasha Museum
  • Dodoni Sanctuary and theater
  • Fethiye Mosque
  • Vikos – Aoos National park
  • Excursion to central Zagori

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